Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Stuff-Nov 11, 2008

I love cool weather websites and interesting facts.  I believe it is part of the nature of people, like me, who enjoy the weather.  Tonight, I pass on some links of some sites that are very interesting and among my favorites.

From the Weather Blogosphere...
Alabama's 33/40 Weather Blog 
James Spann and his crew does and excellent job posting several times a day about weather.  Not only do they post the 'Weather Extreme Video' but they also post pictures and weather history along with numerous other tidbits.   Just today (Nov. 11th), Bill Murray (not the one from Caddyshack) posted about the Blizzard on Armistice Day in 1940 ...It is certainly one of my 'go-to' weather sites.

WGN Weather Center Blog 
Another site I enjoy is from Tom Skilling and his band of knowledgeable weather staff at WGN in Chicago.  Their graphics are amongst the best.  I also enjoy the 'Ask Tom Why' section, too.

Dr. Jeff Masters at Wunderground 
This blog can be technical, yet understandable.  Jeff Masters does an excellent job explaining, in great detail, how weather affects us.  Jeff was the co-founder of The Weather Underground (not those nut-jobs that went around blowing up things and killing Americans).  Bill Ayers DOES NOT belong to this Weather Underground bunch.  Jeff is an incredibly talented weather man with a Phd to back it up!

Weather Matrix 
Finally, I bring you a weather blog by Jesse Ferrell.  His is called Weather Matrix.  Jesse, like Jeff, is super talented and writes a very interesting weather blog.  He is affiliated with AccuWeather.com and has elevated their product offering tremendously with his expertise.  You'll learn a lot from Jesse.

Those are my three interesting sites tonight.  Take time to visit each of them.  They are worth your time!

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