Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heading To Grandma's

We'll be driving to Grandma's for turkey dinner this Thanksgiving morning and return this afternoon.  It'll be a gorgeous day in Middle Tennessee with temperatures near 60° this afternoon!  Sure would love to go play golf.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Averages on Thanksgiving are 55 and 33.
The record was 73° in 2001 and 17° in 1991.
On this date in 1973, 4.80" of rain fell in the Cookeville area.
Temperatures have averaged nearly 4° below normal for the month of November.

According to NOAA, our next 6-10 day period will be chilly.

Finally, our Titans play the Lions today at 11:30 am.  Let's hope they (the Titans) don't lay an egg (so to speak) and get beat by the lowly Lions.

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Anonymous said...

Golf doesn't sound bad at all Mike. But I'm traveling too this morning, so it's out of the question for me too. :) Hope you and your family have a safe trip and a happy Thanksgiving.


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