Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Heavy Rain Approaching

Latest Conditions in Cookeville, TN
Checking in at 2:30 pm this afternoon and we find RADAR indicating heavy rain is approaching from our southwest.

Stations to our west have reported 1+ inch downpours with the associated line of rainfall.  Some are reporting lightning and thunder.  No Severe Weather at this time.  All of it appears to be well to our south.  You can check out the guys at as they are reporting 'significant weather alerts' in several parts of Alabama.

A Wind Advisory continues to be in effect for our area through 6 pm.  We've had a 34.7 mph gust earlier today and winds have been consistently running in the 20+ mph range.

You can see the rain on the Cookeville Webcam and can check out a lot of information at the Cookeville/Putnam County Emergency Management Agency's webpage.

More later.

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