Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Las Vegas Snow and other oddities!

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Snow has fallen in Las Vegas, NV today.  Las Vegas Now reports the Int'l Airport is closed along with many roads.  The Las Vegas Sun reports says it is a rare snowstorm.  The most snow in December since 1967.  According to KSBY-TV , they say 3 or more inches could fall overnight and that LV Int'l has no snow removal equipment! (Why would hardly ever snows!)

Las Vegas area schools are closed for Thursday.

Tom Skilling, in Chicago, reports

Season's biggest snow puts brakes on rush hour

Snow fell steadily for nearly 10 hours Tuesday, producing the season's heaviest official snowfall tally to date. By late evening, totals were approaching 5 inches at O'Hare, solidifying the 2008-09 season as one of the 13 snowiest at this early point in 124 years of weather records.

What a wild weather winter we are having! ...

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