Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Historic Cold Weather Ahead

The latest information from the National Weather Service indicates we will be BELOW ZERO here in Cookeville overnight Thursday.  The record for Friday, as I posted yesterday, is -3°....we will definitely be within shot of that.

*Latest, Local Forecast*


tncorgi said...

Yikes! I THOUGHT I saw a polar bear, hitchhiking south on 111 today...

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Hey Paul...

Look I thought when you moved up here from Florida that you'd brought us that weather!!

Welcome to Tennessee, my friend!


Jen Adams said...

Do you think its possible that the School System might close down schools on Friday due to the cold?? I just feel it would be kind of dangerous to send my daughter out to wait for the bus, etc.

Daniel said...

I don't ever recall them closing school because of cold, but I don't recall many times when it was below zero.

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Hi Jen:

So long as she isn't out there for more than 30 minutes without the proper hat, coat, and gloves, she should be fine. Thanks for your question and no, I don't think they'll close.

Temps in Minnesota have been much colder and kids are going to school, waiting for the bus, etc!


Adam said...

clippers are no fun we need a gulf low to go south of us so we can get some good snow

Cookeville Weather Guy said... are CORRECT! :)


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