Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Event Ahead? (Bitter Cold Coming)

***5:00 PM UDATE***
Weather By The Numbers is out at AlabamaWX
Heard a report from eastern Nebraska of white-out conditions right now.
Also, see where Chicago is under a BLIZZARD WATCH!
Chicago is looking at one of the worst winter in years! 

***4:30 PM UPDATE*** Our beautiful city! :)
The latest is out from the NWS and they're 'downplaying' the snow event tonight and tomorrow.  While we still expect snow to fall, confidence is not as high on the precipitation amounts.  

***3:30 PM UPDATE***
Noticed TDOT has been 'spraying the roads' with their magic formula.  Anyone know if that stuff works?
Chilly again today with a clearing sky.  Expect highs around We are watching the latest on a couple of possible snow events for the Cookeville, TN area. The first is expected to arrive on Tuesday.  Right now, the thinking is around 1" of accumulation here in town. Obviously, the Monterey area along with other areas in the higher elevations on the Plateau could expect to receive more. The other events are further down in this post. Keep in mind, PLEASE, the weather is changing constantly and updates to the forecast will be needed as the situations warrant.  I will do my best to keep you informed.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Temperatures recover at bit on Wednesday under a sunny sky, but snow chances develop once again on Wednesday into Thursday.  Along with the snow, a VERY STRONG cold front barrels through our area giving us the coldest temperatures of the season.  I wouldn't be surprised to see some 0° readings by Friday morning. Thursday and Friday high temperatures will struggle into the lower 20's.

Another interesting scenario is setting up for the upcoming weekend. While it is a little early to forecast it, there remains a possibility of seeing another snow event. We'll wait for a few more days to pass before we start talking about any snow chances/accumulation with that event.

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~More later...


Anonymous said...

You need some dramatic theme music with over-the-top graphics for "WINTER WEATHER MODE".

Michael Detwiler said...

Maynard...maybe I should contact TWC for that! :)

You been doing well?


Anonymous said...

I have indeed. As for the TDOT magical formula, it must work if they keep using it, considering how much it costs.

Oh wait, they're a government agency. So scratch that theory.

Anonymous said...

no snow at all in Lawrenceburg or what do you think my classmates are askin me but i dont quite know what to tell them this is a tough system

Michael Detwiler said...

Tell them, Adam, to do their homework and forget snow for the Lawrenceburg area! Sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

How is Cookeville currently looking as far as snow/accumulation is concerned? Also, what time do you think the snow will hit us here in Cookeville? Thanks!

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Tom...I'm not real sold on our chances. Just posted a little more on it a few minutes ago at

Thanks for commenting and asking a question.


Anonymous said...

no snow accumulation anywhere man that is twice that has happened im not gonna be sure thursday


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