Friday, February 20, 2009

Very Nice Friday..

**Don't forget about the Storm Spotter's training class on Saturday at CRMC. It is conducted by the National Weather Service and is very interesting. Starts at 11 am!!...No registration necessary**

A beautiful day is on tap for us here in Middle Tennessee.  While we'll see sunny skies, temperatures will reach into the lower 40's this afternoon.  The great news is there will be very little wind.

Currently, as I post, it is 17°....our little pond by our back patio has frozen once again.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Rain comes in for Saturday and that rain should transition to snow before ending on Saturday night. Not expecting any accumulation.

Sunday is sunny once again, but cold with highs only the middle 30's.

Have a great Friday!

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Phil said...

Over 100 folks at the Spotter class. Great information - thanks for reminding me about it.


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