Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Tornado Watch

***9:30 PM UPDATE***
Rain line has passed through.
Time to turn attention to chilly weather ahead
Just middle 40's for highs on Sunday
Low 30's Sunday night
65° on Monday!! :)

***8:35 PM***
Heavy rain being reported in Putnam County

***8:20 PM UPDATE***
Spencer, TN to our south under a TORNADO WARNING
until 8:45 pm
Tornado possibly on ground southwest of Spencer
moving northeast at 30 mph
***7:45 PM UPDATE***
Storms seem to be losing their punch.
We will hear some thunder
and see some lightning.
Possibly heavy rain for a time
TEMA confirming 3 injuries in Murfreesboro
***6:30 PM UPDATE***
Tornado Watch for now in effect for Putnam & others
Until 11 PM CDT

***5:00 PM UPDATE***
A funnel cloud spotted in Clarksville, TN
by a trained storm spotter.
Yet another Tornado Warning for Montgomery County.
One on the west side and one on south side
**4:20 PM UPDATE**
Line of storms with several strong cells..
Tornado Warning near Hopkinsville, KY
New Severe T-storm Warning (western Davidson County)
(map courtesy of )

A Tornado Watch has been issued for counties west of ours.

More information at: Nashville Office of Nat'l Weather Service

You can use their Severe Weather Mode by clicking here.. .

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