Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Rainfall Analysis (Happy Mom's Day)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

More rainfall analysis for you today.  
We are definitely in a rainy pattern.

The evidence:
5 out of the last 6 months, we've exceeded the monthly average. Prior to that, only once in the previous 12 months did we reach the average

2007 was the driest year on record (since 1914) in Cookeville. We recorded just 36.75" of rain whereas through the first 4 months of this year plus the first 10 days of May, we are sitting at nearly 28".

The record amount of rain is 76.46" from 1998. With all the rain we've had, we are on pace to reach 66" this year.  If we just have 'normal' amounts of rain the rest of 2009, our total will be just under 60". Really makes the 76+ amount from 1998 look like a lot of rainfall. With the last few years well below normal, 2009 rains seem like record-breakers!

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Weather History for This Date
Interesting weather event from 1864 on this date, you can read more about it over at the Examiner site by the Nashville Weather Examiner. Hey, I know that guy!

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