Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

**Weekend Outlook**
We've received .71" of rainfall here in Cookeville overnight.  During the next couple of days, a cold front will stall just to our west allowing warm, moist air to be pumped into the Middle Tennessee area.  This will support ACTIVE weather, including the possibilities of strong storms and heavy rainfall.  At this point, I do not believe the entire weekend will be a washout, but encourage you to stay in touch with the weather. I will monitor the situation, so check back frequently and SIGN-UP for Twitter and follow me.  I am:

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
On May 1st, 1963..the temperature drops to 34° in Nashville, the lowest ever recorded in May!
In 1950, a strong winter storm smacked the Black Hills area of the Dakotas with lightning and heavy snow.  Up to 30 inches was recorded and deep drifts driven by 70+ mph winds!

Rain Update:
We finished the month of April with 6.39" here in Cookeville.  This gives us a 2009 total of 21.25".  Our normal for April is 4.60, while our normal for the first four months of the year is 20.05". We are much further ahead than the last couple of years. We do, however, see a big dropoff in rain during May-August, then we hit the driest months of September and October.  Let's hope we continue in the good rain pattern.

Have an awesome weekend...I will be 'on the look-out' for any severe weather.

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tncorgi said...

If the Nashville WX Channel is to be believed, they have had 2.4" just since midnight. Looks like it's coming our way next! I knew I should have added pontoons to the mower I bought this morning.


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