Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rainfall Numbers

After having one of the wettest Julys in history, August was a much different story. 

The 1.19" recorded during August, at my home, ranks the 5th driest since records have been kept (dating back to 1914) in Cookeville. 

Year-to-date, ending August 31st, we stand at 46.87" making us 8.73" ahead of normal (see chart listing here). Over the last 5 years, we've averaged just 42" per year and only 2008 is wetter with a total (for the 12-month period) of 48.06". On our current pace, we would end 2009 with 70.31". I don't believe for a moment we'll end up with 70+ inches of rain, but 2009 is looking like one of our wetter years and will certainly exceed the average annual rainfall of 54". 

Numbers in Review:
1.19 - The amount of rain measured during August
4.11 - The average amount during a typical August
8.73 - The amount of measured rain that we are ahead thru August
11.16 - Average amount that falls Sept-Nov (3 driest months typically)
38.14 - Average annual rain through August during a typical year
46.87 - The amount measured through 8 months of 2009
42.86 - Average annual amount of rain each year since 2004
54.11 - Average annual amount since 1914


Clay said...

What a difference 80 miles makes. I recorded a respectable 2.84" here in Oak Hill. Were missin' you over at TN WX. Hope all is well in Cookeville. :)


Michael Detwiler said...

Hi Clay..thanks for stopping by!

The funny thing is I logged on to TNWX today...will be returning soon as a regular visitor. It has been crazy times lately.

All is well in Cookeville. Hope you are doing great, too!


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