Saturday, January 30, 2010

Midnight Update

The Winter Storm Warning continues across Tennessee and here in Cookeville, we are continuing to report sleet, freezing rain, and snow mixing together. Temperatures have begun to retreat once again (we stand at 28.3° at midnight) and I expect we'll see a changeover back to snow at some point in the next few hours.

Friday's Numbers:
High: 30.7° at 11:09 pm (just b4 midnight)
Low: 26.2° at 12:33 pm (just after noon)
Snowfall measurement at midnight: 3"
A sleet/freezing rain combo has held that number down

*Latest Local Forecast*

Stunning 7" accumulation coming out of south Nashville from the Emergency Management Office just before midnight.

Travel on I-40 east from Putnam/Cumberland County Line to the Cumberland/Roane County line is highly discouraged due to dangerous conditions. According to TDOT, the entire upper Cumberland Plateau region is very hazardous.
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Ryan said...

It looks like snow totals won't come out as high as some of us woud have liked (I'm at about 3" now).
With all of this sleet/freezing rain going around, what do you see the total accumulation being when this is all said and done, sometime Saturday AM/early afternoon?

Michael Detwiler said...

Ryan...I think 5-6" will be common for most folks. We were on track for 6-8", but the extended period of FRZ RAIN and SLEET lowered those numbers. Very impressive storm nonetheless!

tncorgi said...

Checking outside at 6am it looks like all that sleet put a hard crust of ice on our snow layer. Our dogs are able to run around on TOP of all of it without breaking through!

Mark said...

Here near 111 & Spring St, I don't even think we have 3", but there is a solid layer of ice on top of it. Snowblower was of no use to clean it up yet. Main roads were plowed, secondary streets, even such as Broad St still not touched.

Michael Detwiler said...

Talked to several folks earlier who say it is very treacherous across the entire county. What a storm!


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