Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Storm Friday

**10:30 PM UPDATE**
The Winter Storm Watch remains in effect and latest forecasting models portend of a big winter weather event with impressive storm totals. While it is my wish to leave the accumulation amounts to the professionals, I know many of you have been asking "How Much"!! I appreciate your interest and can tell you that if everything holds together, this will be a storm to remember. We have an opportunity to get into the 6-8" range by Saturday morning. With that being said, one must remember this is a fluid situation with many components. So, if you click back on here tomorrow at noon and see a 2-4" prediction, don't get mad, just enjoy the winter weather. It is entirely possible that we all wake-up on Friday morning and don't see anything going on. Arrival times are fluctuating between a sunrise to 10 a.m. start to the snow falling at a decent rate. Once it does arrive, however, expect it to be consistent. I will update as necessary & expect a Winter Storm Warning to be issued sometime on Thursday.
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