Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Back To Rain Later

**10:00 PM UPDATE**
Winter Weather Advisory is cancelled as snow has turned back to rain...

Warming temperatures overnight turn the large snowflakes into rain. Expect slightly rising temperatures over the next few hours in the Upper Cumberland. Areas back to our west have seen bursts of snow which have resulted in accumulations up to 2" this evening. Tuesday's weather promises to be a mixed back of rain, snow, cold temperatures and gusty winds with light, if any, snow accumulations. Those winds will make the 'feels like' or wind chill temperatures downright chilly. By Tuesday night, I expect a complete changeover to snow. The snow will be light and may result in an inch of accumulation.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance this rain will turn back into snow?

Michael Detwiler said...

Probably on Tuesday afternoon would be my best and educated guess at this point. We'll check again in the morning. As for now, I think light rain all night long.


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