Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Night Wrap Up

As we go into the overnight period storms are once again firing across Middle Tennessee. At 10:25 pm, Nashville TV stations are running wall-to-wall weather coverage as rotating cells are being picked up on radar. A recent tornado watch has been issued for much of Middle Tennessee but DO NOT include (at this point) Putnam County along with the Cookeville area. There have been at least five deaths across the mid-state and the Harpeth River and Mill Creek are at record high levels. A rare Civil Emergency has been declared in Metro Davidson (Nashville) County.

Here in Cookeville, we've recorded 3.00" of rain since it began around 9 o'clock this morning. I've seen weather stations that have recorded up to 15" in and around the Franklin, TN (Williamson County) area. Ironically, our 3" is quite a bit more than the 1.61" measured for the entire month of April. One forecasting model is showing a potential of SIX MORE INCHES of rainfall by Monday morning across much of Middle Tennessee, including Cookeville.

The atmosphere is very unstable and very supportive of severe weather development. We see, as the night wears on, storms become more numerous. Back to the west, large super cell activity was being seen back in Arkansas. This activity will move westward overnight, on Sunday and into Sunday night.  I'll be keeping the NOAA Weather Radio close by tonight as rapidly changing/deteriorating conditions could additional severe weather watches to be issued for Putnam County.

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