Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Special Weather Statement

From Nat'l Weather Service

Special Weather Statement

Expires 4:00 PM CDT on June 22, 2010

Statement as of 6:21 am CDT on June 22, 2010

... Hot temperatures will continue for the mid state for the next
few days...

A large dome of high pressure... extending from Texas and Oklahoma
eastward to the Tennessee Valley... will continue to keep things hot
and sultry. Daytime high temperatures will continue to reach the mid
and upper 90s today and Wednesday. Afternoon heat index values will
range from 99 to 104 over many areas west of the Cumberland Plateau.
Across the Cumberland Plateau... look for heat index values to be
about 8 to 12 degrees lower... topping out in the lower to middle 90s.

Temperatures will cool a few degrees late in the work week as the
upper high works back to the west... and more clouds develop.
Temperatures however will still remain above normal... in the lower
to mid 90s west of the plateau.

Here are some suggestions to help Cope with this heat
wave... especially if you must spend much of your time outdoors.

Drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids.

Wear a hat... and wear light weight and light colored clothing to
help reflect the sunlight.

Take frequent rest breaks in the shade..and try to avoid sunburn.

A few final things...

Never... ever... leave a child in a hot car for even a minute.
Temperatures rise quickly inside a closed vehicle... and can rapidly
become deadly.

Keep an eye on elderly neighbors and be sure they are coping well
with the heat.

Provide pets extra water and replace it often. You might even want
to bring your pets indoors during the hottest part of the day.

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Unknown said...

the older i get the less able to deal with this kind of weather i get.
i am SO READY for october.


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