Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Main Concern About Weather

The timing of the first line of storms to the Cookeville area is between the 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM time frame.

Some isolated super cells could form ahead of the main line and produce gusty winds along with isolated tornadoes.

Gusty southwest winds will easily reach the 30 mph range while in storms we could see winds to 40 mph or even higher. 

I would keep an eye out on the sky and should skies look threatening, it is a good idea to take shelter.

These storms are moving fast (in the 50-60 mph range) and will move in and out quickly.

While the tornado threat is low for any given location, it still remains a potential during the afternoon hours.  
We will see numerous warnings issued throughout the afternoon.

Please stay tuned to local TV, radio (that actually reports weather), NOAA Weather Radio, the Nat'l Weather Service-Nashville web page at
http://www.weather.gov/nashville or right here at CookevilleWeatherGuy.com

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