Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Major Snowstorm Ahead

I think this snow projection map will thrill many and leave some scratching their heads! Currently, at 8:50 pm in Cookeville, it is 42°. We've got a ways to go in seeing the temperature drop before the snow can actually begin. Experts are saying we should see a changeover beginning around 10 pm with the heaviest snow coming in the very early morning hours through around 9 am.

The National Weather Service calls this storm 'a very dynamic and moist winter system'. The bullseye appears to be the northeastern section of middle Tennessee and along the Cumberland Plateau. That means Cookeville and vicinity! A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through 3 pm on Wednesday.

Temperatures overnight will hover around 30° or just below. This will cause for a wet, heavy snow to fall. This is great for building a snowman! Roads should improve quickly after sunrise since temperatures on Wednesday are expected to be above freezing.

By the time this current storm winds down, we'll see anywhere from 4-6" or HIGHER in the typical locations. So, get out your snow shovel, get ready to enjoy a gorgeous landscape, and travel carefully. This has been quite a year for snow!

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