Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vigilance Advised Overnight

Ominous wording from the National Weather Service.....

National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary


Anonymous said...

NOAA weather radios were not operable last night. WSMV TV reported the outage just as the storm hit. Any info on the lack of service?

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey there...I noticed 162.400 was out here in Cookeville, but I was able to pickup others and had my radio set to the 162.450....and it worked just fine. All NOAA weather radios were operationable, just one station was out, but didn't make the warnings inoperable.

Mary Beth said...

Thaks, Michael. Wish I had known about 162.400, located in Spencer. Found out the next morning by calling the EMA office. According to the NOAA website ( 3 TN towers were either out of service or "degraded": Shelbyville (now removed from the list, was being replaced in Feb), Cookeville 152.400 is still "degraded" as is Clarksville 162.500.

So now we know we can check that website for outages.

Would there have been any other source for outage information available anywhere else? I don't know. But I think there should be!


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