Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day Of Summer

Welcome summertime even though it's felt like summer around middle Tennessee for the past month! When exactly does summer start? Officially, that will occur at 6:09 pm this afternoon. Today is the longest day of the year. We'll slowly go back to shorter days culminating around December 22nd with the shortest day of the year.

Wednesday's forecast will be another hot one as temperatures are expected to climb into the lower 90's. No rain is expected once again.

Tuesday's high was 92.0° at 4:12 pm while the low was 64.7°. This morning's low was 63.8° at 5:20 am. No rainfall was recorded on Tuesday.

We do see a slight chance for isolated thunderstorm activity for Thursday and Friday.

In the upcoming week, we'll discuss lightning safety each day as it's Lightning Safety Awareness Week. The dates are June 24-30, 2012. The goal is to make people more aware of the dangers of lightning. 54 persons nationally, on average, are killed by lightning. Almost all are preventable. Hundreds more are permanently injured due to lightning.

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