Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Big Saturday Question

Will it be snow or rain?

This is the big Saturday question! We're watching the computer models closely and if you pressed me for an answer, I would go with a rain/snow mixture in Middle Tennessee during the day. Here on the Plateau, it's snow all the way. The big question remains......HOW MUCH? That's not going to be easily answered until we see the forecast models on Friday.

It is one cold, windy miserable night here in the Cookeville area. We're at 18.4 degrees at 11:30 pm CST and winds have been up around 12 mph...that's a windchill in the single digits folks. If you're out in it for very long, it hurts! Especially for us thin-blooded Southern types!

The Friday forecast is for sunny skies and temperatures struggle to get to 32 degrees...Friday night...cold with lows in the middle 20's.....then the fun begins for Saturday....can't wait! :)

Let press out ahead in the extended forecast. There is a chance we see upper 50's by mid next week...that is EXCITING news...the only bad part is people tend to not pay as close attention to the weather and weather bloggers...which is bad news for yours truly.

Digging into some stats for the first two weeks of February, we're running almost 10 degrees BELOW normal here on the Plateau......climate change????......that's another story for another day.....this winter will be remembered for the COLD weather......
Have a great Friday folks...and thanks for checking in with me.


Anonymous said...


Where have ya been were missin' you at the MTWC and ETWC

Michael Detwiler said...


Busy, busy!! Between my regular paying job, doing the TV weather gig, doing this, family obligations (most important), and other life's been just plain busy!

Things well with you?


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