Friday, February 16, 2007

Saturday Thoughts and More

Here we go for Saturday

Hey Gang:
All the indications appear to be showing a snow event for many of us. The biggest threat to a bust for us is the lack of moisture...however, i believe it'll fill in during the day, if you're anywhere east of Clarksville and Dickson, don't be upset if you wake up with absolutely nothing in the morning. It may be a little late arriving.

Here on the may be mid to late morning before we see anything...and again, I caution all of may take awhile for the snow to get here! (Now watch us end up with 2 inches by daybreak!)

Enjoy the snow when it comes (whatever we end up getting)....

Ok...a couple of other fun things...last night, I had the honor to hear David Oreck (yeah, the vacuum cleaner guy) speak at the Cookeville/Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting...that guy was AWESOME! His speech to our business and community leaders was fantastic. Very motivating...I will do my best to secure a DVD of the meeting.

The second thing is tonight was the annual sports banquet for my daughter's school. I was very proud of her as she racked up on the awards. Her basketball teammates voted her "Most Christ Like"..the top award for the evening...I had a huge lump in my throat! She also earned the "Best Attitude" Award from her coaches. Being a dad is a wonderful thing!

Alright folks.....let's go with some predictions....I believe we will see around 2 inches of snow when this system is all said and done....

Low Tonight (Friday) 22 degrees under building clouds...
High Saturday 31-ish! :) w/snow falling off and on throughout the day


Anonymous said...

How i miss my snow days @ CHS. We have had only one snow day in Kansas and that was because we got 2inches of ice on the roads. We have had snow on the ground for over a month (january 13th) I am tired of it. Bring on the spring storms, i say! Ahhh when your wind chill is -20 and the high temp dosent get above 12 thats cold.

Michael Detwiler said...

when were you at CHS?


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