Thursday, February 1, 2007

Do We Get Snow This Time?

A nice picture from Moore County (to the south of us)....

The million dollar question right now is:

Do we get snow this time?

We are seeing much higher humidity and dew points at this time of the evening versus last night. The thing that killed our chances last night was the dry slot. The snow evaporated before hitting the ground.

We are also seeing the precipitation moving in earlier this evening than last evening. I do believe the professional meteorologists are playing tonight's forecast MUCH CLOSER to the vest...that is a personal opinion of which I have ZERO proof. But, with the big miss last night, I cannot blame them.

I hope we can see some measurable precipitation tonight through Friday. All the conditions are favorable, we just need a little help from the low pressure system to pick up some more STEAM(moisture) from the Gulf.

Tonight's forecast:
Rain/Snow Mix before midnight
All Snow after midnight
Locally, we see 1-2 inches
Some higher elevations see 2 inches plus...
Lows: 29 inside Cookeville ...a little lower outside the city

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