Thursday, February 1, 2007

Late Night Observations

Greetings at 10:37 pm...

We're at 35.0 degrees, the humidity is 85%, and the dew point is 30.9...all a very interesting set-up for a snow event. We just need over running moisture to produce the white stuff.

Here is a map from my friends at Channel 2 in Nashville.

While I believe some areas will get snow...some folks could be disappointed. We will all have to just wait and see.

The weekend appears cold and some chances exist for another round of light snow. The first of the workweek promises a bitter cold front to move in and push up farther down.

Friday 36/21 50/50 shot of snow

Saturday 37/15 partly cloudy

Sunday 37/24 partly cloudy, then snow

Monday 35/16 snow

Very interesting!

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