Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Nice Sunday

WOW! Almost 44 degrees today (actually 43.8 for the high) with bright sunny skies and no wind to speak of! It felt like a spring day after all these chilly days.

I saw many people washing the road salt/grime off their cars and I will definitely need to get my wife's vehicle cleaned, too.

Our high so far for the month of February has been 45.8 and low so far has been 13.2...we could actually eclipse both of these in this upcoming week.

Clouds move in Sunday night and rain begins on Monday and will last through Monday night into Tuesday night, we could see rain change over to snow before ending Wednesday with MUCH COLDER conditions for the rest of the week. Highs Monday will reach 50 degrees in many locations! Don't get used to weekend promises to be COLD with a chance once again for snow.

Enjoy the week, I'll update the forecast a little more either late tonight or tomorrow. I'd like to see us get one good snow this winter...somewhere in the 4-6" range here in Middle Tennessee. :)


Anonymous said...

snow, snow...

we want snow!!!...

does anyone else want snow, too?

Anonymous said...

hey weather guy:

What's up with all the cold weather??

bill from livingston, tn

Michael Detwiler said...


Thank you for your question. We'll warm up a bit over the next couple of days...seeing 50's on Monday and Tuesday..HOWEVER..the temps bottom out on Tuesday evening...probably in the lower 20's and we could see SNOW again for our area. The rest of the week will be downright cold.

Thanks for your question and visit again soon.


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