Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Snow Falling!

Snow shots from here in I type this a heavy band is passing through our area. A Snow Advisory is in effect until 10 pm this evening. JetBlue has cancelled all flights out of Nashville International Airport. Traffic Cams are showing a treacherous way to go on the Interstates in and around Nashville.
As the snow lightens up some, the roads will become clear as the temperatures hover near 30 degrees and more people get out on the roads.
Enjoy the snow...we'll post later with more pictures.
A webcam out of Cookeville....


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - thoughts on if we really get two inches up here or not?

Michael Detwiler said...

yes Jennifer....I think 2 inches is about what we'll see here in Cookeville...more in higher elevations

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike!

I noticed by your comment on nashvillewx that you were out of town most of today. You missed an all day snow event here. Occassionally we had what I call "snow pellets" - little icy balls of snow - but mostly it's been snow. It's been beautiful!

My 7yo daughter and I just measured our snow total in our backyard (about 1/2 mile from your place) and we got a solid 3" with more falling. Yay!

Do you think the kids will miss school for this one? ;o)

Michael Detwiler said...

another jennifer...

that's what i heard!

no, the kids will be out Monday anyway....I think they go Tuesday!


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