Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Wild Change Is At Hand!

As I sit to write this tonight, we're in a huge state of change....out ahead of the cold front, we're at 55 degrees after seeing a high of 60 (our normal is 50)....we'll drop to the mid 20's after frontal passage tonight...and will struggle to see upper 20's for a high tomorrow. Brutal NNW winds will make it feel MUCH colder. A line of storms haven't broken out ahead of the front (which is just east of Nashville at 7:30 pm CST)....heavy rain can be expected along with rumbles of thunder. Current barometric pressure as the low travels right over the top of us is 29.67" and falling.

A great site for all of you to check out is:
Enter in your zip code on the top left of the WeatherBonk site and you'll get up to minute temperatures for your area...plus a forecast from 4 sources and weather webcams...the map can be moved easily!...GREAT FEATURES!!

Over on the television side, we'll be promoting Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Tennessee. Also, we'll be promoting this blog quite a bit over the next several weeks. Check it out at

The rest of the week for Middle Tennessee is just plain COLD! I'm beginning to forward to spring....all we need is one more GREAT snow and then let the warm weather roar!


Polarbear said...

Where did all of the snow come from? Last night I was hearing certain weather people say, "go to bed kids, you are going to school tomorrow." Then I wake up this morning, and low and behold things are white! Bring it on, just ONE, GOOD snow and then we can get back to the 50's and 60's.

Michael Detwiler said...


Funny how these bands of snow on the backside of a cold front can and will accumulate! I was watching NewsChannel 5 last evening and Ron Howes was playing it down...BUT, as you know, the Upper Cumberland/Plateau area can be very different. My belief is that ever since they missed the forecast for SNOW a couple of weeks ago, all the professional forecasters are playing the snow thing very close to the vest. They won't go out on the limb to call for snow :)...just a hunch on my part...

Thanks for commenting...and your Life Group blog is GREAT!


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