Friday, March 9, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

It was a beautiful Friday here in the Upper Cumberland region of Middle Tennessee. We topped out at 63 degrees under sunny skies. As the sun went down, clouds began to move in and we'll see rain develop here after midnight. It will stick around for most of our Saturday as temperatures push 60 degrees. Sunday looks partly cloudy with highs around 60. The first part of our work week promises upper 60's for most of our area.

I'm loving spring springing for all of us. We do "Spring Forward" on Saturday night/Sunday morning. An extra hour of daylight after work will motive me to get in the yard. Speaking of the yard, buttercups (as we call them here) are looking quite nice and we've got tulips beginning to push up. Can mowing the grass be far behind? We're bringing in some stones for a new garden area. My back muscles can hardly wait! :(

On the TV side, our production company decided to PULL THE PLUG effective March 1st. It was a tough decision for them, but one that had to be made. There may be something in the works that will put us back on the air (via web or other things) soon. I enjoyed the work of producing a forecast each day and following up to see how accurate we were. All in all, we did a great job and many of you complimented us on the work. For that, I am grateful.

I will continue to be involved in weather observation and keep a close eye on forecasts.

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