Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy April in Tennessee & Other Fun Stuff

Interesting Weather for April...

Elk and Buffalo seen in Tennessee...check out the bottom of this post for that info! :)

Our high temperature was 84.3 which occurred today! The previous high temperature for the month was way back on April 3rd. Our low was a chilly 22.2 degrees which happened on Easter Sunday morning April 8th. Incidently, that was the coldest Easter Sunday morning in history. Many trees lost their blooms from that cold snap.

We finished with 2.98 inches of rain. Normal precip for April is right at 4.5 we fell short by almost 1 and 1/2 inches. We had snow on April 15th this year. Quite an amazing April.

Speaking of amazing, my wife and I stayed at an AWESOME place on Sunday night. It's called the Whitestone Country Inn. You couldn't have asked for a finer place. We stayed in the Eagles Landing room and ate some incredible food! I'll link it at the bottom of this post.

We have family members in Hawaii this week and they are having an excellent time. One day, my bride and I will make that trip. Also, several family members celebrated a relative leaving to enlist in the Marine Corps. It is an honorable person who signs up to defend their country. They are even more honorable during time of war and I appreciate his dedication to his country and fellow countrymen.

The funeral for Sgt. Alex Van Aalten was Sunday. His family will have a private service later for his burial. I pray for the peace of the Lord to be with them.

Our flowers continue to spring forth. We have several new things coming up and finally, more warm weather for us on Tuesday....rain enters our picture for Wednesday! We sure need it.

Today's Links

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