Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Night

It's a quiet evening here in the Upper Cumberland. My wife, daughter, and I attended the visitation for Sgt. Alex van Aalten. It was quite emotional for all of us. I really feel for his family.....He gave his life for his country at the young age of 21 in Afghanistan doing what he always wanted to do...defend his country. Sgt. van Aalten is a true American hero. I wished I would have known him better.

In other news:

Our garden is coming along nicely. We planted some cherry tomato plants today. They'll mature in about 65 days and will produce ALOT of 1 oz. tomatoes! The squash will come in on or around June 1st. The cucumbers in the third week of June. Sweet bell peppers along with two varities of large tomatoes will be along in the first few weeks of July.

The radio is playing and Toby Mac is belting out "Made To Love"...great tune....currently #2 on the charts right now....Toby's site is:

You can check out this great radio station at:
WAY-FM in Nashville

My wife and daughter attended a dance group tonight called "Cathedral Oaks"...they had a great time.

Looks like 80 degrees for Sunday and possibly 85 on Monday! ***WOW***

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