Friday, April 27, 2007

Sgt. Alex van Aalten Arrives Home

Friday, April 27, 2007

The body of Sgt. Alex van Aalten arrived back in Cookeville today. A procession led by law enforcement brought him through town to Hooper & Huddleston Funeral Home. It was very touching to see the turnout in our community. As I think of how he served our country, it reminds me of the unselfishness of our military men and women. They serve knowing, full well, of the costs associated with their service.

Our country must come together in support of our troops. I am totally ashamed of the politics being played by the left-wing in this country. Seeking to destabilize and demoralize our young men & women is shameful and inappropriate. They must find common ground with our President and come together so that we may go on and finish the job. Anything less is shameful.

In honor of Sgt. van Aalten, I will support our troops and our commander in-chief as long as these men and women are in harms way. It is the right thing to do and the only thing to do.

Thank you for your service Sgt. van Aalten. My family and I will pay our respects to you on Saturday at the funeral home.

For those of you interested in attending, Hooper and Huddleston Funeral Home is located at 1st Street and N. Washington Avenue in Cookeville. Visiting hours are 3 pm (cdt) to 8 pm. The funeral will be at 2 pm on Sunday at Trinity Assembly in downtown Algood, TN.


Anonymous said...

Yes our country must stick together. I just wish everyone thought like that. God bless Sgt. Alex van Aalten.
-Cameron K.

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Michael Detwiler said...

thanks cam and boys are both right....I appreciate your comments..

Anonymous said...

I believe in my heart that Sgt. Alex Van Aalten was and is a very good man he was a great soilder and a great husband he's my hero and i'm sure he's everyone else's hero as well we love you alex (R.I.P)

c/1LT Kyle Chaffin
Of Cookeville High School


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