Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stormy Thursday

The very early spring that surprised us this year caused many plants to become confused after we went from the lower 80's to the lower 20's earlier this month. As you can see above, the Azalea bush above looks like it has survived. HALLELUJAH!!!! Some of the green leaves are damaged, but the blooms are just coming out a bit later than normal.

This is just one picture of one tomato plant. We've got many more plants located in our garden. We are looking forward to a bountiful growing season this year. I'm FULLY in-charge of our garden as my beautiful bride of almost 3 years is expecting. Our due date is late October, so she'll not be doing ANY heavy lifting, we'll see whether or not I have a 'green thumb'!!!

Severe Weather just missed our immediate area on Thursday night. We did, however, see storm reports near us include hail and a reported tornado by a trained storm spotter. Also, just to my north, there are trees down and power is out in the Hardy's Chapel area of northern Putnam County......A county east of us (Cumberland) reported a tornado with damage. We'll get more information as the sun comes up Friday morning.

The NWS has cancelled our tornado watch (it was due to end at 10:00 pm), but was cancelled for us 7:06 pm.
The frustrating part is that we only had 0.367 inches of rain. We need quite a bit more than that.

On April 26, 1989...Temperature at Nashville reaches 91, setting a record high for the month.

Today, I was blessed by my company to go and see several GREAT speakers. They included Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Peyton Manning, Bruce Pearl (University of Tennessee Men's Basketball Coach), Phillip Fulmer (UT's football Coach), Bill Bartman, and Keith Craft. It was awesome.

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Anonymous said...


I just thought I would read through your old blog posts and respond to this day, when I was in the Crossville area and observed some of the severe weather action. Didn't see the actual tornado, but I felt I was there, since I was right in the tornado warning area, and felt the presence via these live radio reports by the newsman and local Crossville weather expert Steve Norris (Cumberland County, just one county to the east of where Michael lives). I took some pictures of the towering Cumulonimbus late this Apr 26 afternoon, and the cells were indeed quite impressive as they moved off to the east of Crossville, when they were hitting the Crab Orchard area of eastern Cumberland county. If there was a way to post these pics, or just email them to you, just let me know.

Kevin Shaw
fellow cocorahs and weatherbug blog observer


Member-American Meteorological Society