Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wonderful Sunday

Good Evening Readers.....

It was a beautiful Sunday here on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee.

My family and I made the drive east this morning to Crossville, TN to see Pastor Joe McGee speak at the Cumberland Worship Center. Since the church service started at 8:30, we left our home around 7:45 am to make it on time. Pastor Joe didn't disappoint as we were taught the word of God richly. I was able to catch our home church's 2nd service live on the internet when we got home.

Later today we went to our nephew's birthday party. He turns six tomorrow and we had a great time sharing in joy of opening a few birthday presents. My wife, daughter, and I got him a set of walkie-talkies...I think he loved it and the adults liked playing with them, too!

Our area was in the 80's today! WOW! One crazy thing I've noticed is our trees seem to be dropping the dead leaves. This is due to the 18 degree Easter Sunday morning low. Looks alot like fall with all the leaves blowing around. Our winds were consistent from about 12 to 18 mph most of the day. The tulip poplars will not bloom this year and the crepe myrtles will have to be cut back. We did plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and squash today....can't wait to harvest them!

Two housekeeping things....

Pastor Kenny Vaughn of Cookeville Christian Fellowship went home to be with Lord as he lost his valiant battle with cancer. This area will miss him, however, he is dancing with the Father. His funeral was today.

Alex Van Aalten was the young man from here that was killed in Afghanistan last week. It's humbling to know we have men like him overseas protecting us while we are able to plant tomatoes and hang out with our family. We pray for the peace of God to be with his family.

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