Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Changes Coming Soon!

Showers and Storms continue to rumble across western portions of middle Tennessee. Several communities in West Tennessee have reported trees down along with hail and strong winds as these line of storms pass by. The lack of daytime heating will cause intensity levels to drop as they move eastward through Nashville later and on toward the Plateau in the early morning hours. Many areas are several inches behind in rainfall during 2007 and need a good, soaking rain.

Weather behind these bands will be cool over the next several days. After the cold front clears on Thursday night, we could see morning temperatures on Friday in the lower 40's for much of Middle Tennessee.

The weekend will rebound nicely as we'll return to more seasonal highs....in the middle and upper 70's for most of us. Looks like another great weekend to get out in the yard and to chase around the little white ball on the golf course!

Tonights Links:

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