Saturday, May 5, 2007

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado

A tornado, reportedly a half-mile wide, has struck Greensburg, Kansas.

Reports this morning say that 90% of the downtown area has been either heavily damaged or destroyed. At least seven fatalities are also being reported. The last count of injured show approximately 50 hospitalized with various forms of injuries. I've linked up a story from CNN that you can reach by clicking on the title of my post. The one downside of spring is the outbreak of these type systems in the plain states. Our thoughts are with the people of Greensburg today. Keep them in your prayers during the clean-up process. They could discover more fatalities throughout the day.

Back here in Cookeville, rain measurements in our area range from 0.959" in the last 24 hours here at my .75 at the middle school about a mile .52 at a school 15 miles to our south. We are pleased to get the rain and look forward to the growth of our garden and flowers. My brother in-law's pool took a nosedive in temperature from reaching a high of 72 to back in the 60's thanks to the rain.

Our big community yard sale at our church has been postponed to June 2nd due to the rain.

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