Saturday, May 26, 2007

Growing Garden and Flowers!

Here is a picture of our garden from May 13th
Now here is a picture from today! (Just 43 days later)
It is growing NICELY! Squash is about 10 days from being harvested.

These flowers are from the Lilly family

They are popping out all over our yard!


Anonymous said...

Great garden! I love to garden, it gives me something to do. I bet water bills coming in at the end of the month will have sky rocketed. We grow corn, peas, beans, sunflowers, green and banana peppers, cherry and large tomatoes, watermelon and canelop. I would like to expand our garden next year. Lets hope that hi moves so we can get some rain.

- Cam

Michael Detwiler said...


We drove past a garden that a gentleman who goes to our church has and it's awesome! We are like you, in that we want to expand our garden one day. Now whether that is at this home or not remains to be seen! Hope you're having a good holiday weekend.


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