Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Possible Change On The Way!

Looks like we could get some changes to our weather pattern as get closer to the weekend...the official forecast has showers as a possibility for us Friday through Sunday.

I've been working on a few, minor tweaks to the blog. You'll notice a picture at the top of the blog. This was our daughter's birthday a couple of years ago at a great Mexican restaurant in our city. I'll rotate some fun pictures in this spot from time to time. Feel free to comment on them!

From the National Weather Service's Weather Fact of the Day

On May 30, 1830...A devastating tornado strikes Charlotte and surrounding areas. The tornado levels all but two buildings, including the first courthouse -- a two-story brick structure. The Voorhies-James house and one other building are the only ones left. Most public records from the courthouse, as well as those housed in law offices, are blown into the countryside. Some are recovered, but many are never found. Some books are found several miles away. The roof of the jail is found 13 miles away. This is the first recorded tornado ever in Middle Tennessee.

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