Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Hat, No Cattle

We had lots of lightning, a cool breeze blowing, and quite a bit of thunder..all of that but NO RAIN....locations to our south, west, and north (within a 10 mile radius) all had HEAVY rain. Yet, we stayed dry.

I used the title of the post tonight from Texas. They call guys who have big trucks, big ranches, and big hats, but AREN'T really a rancher...they call them BIG HAT/NO CATTLE....they look the part but really ain't....

This is what happened to us tonight...everything looked the part, but for us here in Northeast Cookeville, it wasn't what it appeared!

Oh well, there is always that chance on Sunday! :)

By the way, a big line of storms has built up just to the WEST of Nashville and is marching eastward...don't think they'll hold together overnight...we'll just have to wait and's the latest forecast from the NWS updated at 9:49 pm CST

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