Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rain, Drought, Flowers, TS Barry & More

What is this on my windshield?? It's rain! Took this picture while driving back from Crossville, TN at around 1:00 pm yesterday. A shower came through our area around 3:15 pm and dropped .02" at our home. We were happy to have it!

Rain is in the forecast and with the drought worsening, we hope to see some showers in our vicinity over the next several days.

Our flowers are blooming nicely...thanks to the warm weather!

Tropical Storm Barry is bearing down on the west coast of Florida. It is promising up to 10" of rain in some areas of Central Florida. They are in the middle of a drought and really need this rain

I've begun submitting information to CoCoRaHS. It would be awesome, if you live in any of the states that are on the program, to get several of you to sign up and participate.

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