Friday, June 29, 2007

Cookeville Storm Damage

A thunderstorm swung through Cookeville around 3:15 today leaving damage in it's on any of these to enlarge for a better view. CURRENT RADAR!

Tree knocked down onto Park View Elementary
Lamar Billboard laying on top of French's Shoes
Lamar billboard on top of French's Shoes.
Note client on billboard. An insurance company.
Note snapped wood poles. Strong storm.


Mike Wilhelm said...

Y'all had it least you finally got some rain!!!

Unknown said...

Serious damage!

I wonder if the insurer did insure Lamar ... :-)

Michael Detwiler said...

I actually work for Lamar and I'm sure we insured nationally out of our corporate office....

That is a good line though! :-)

Dewdrop said...

Great coverage of the storm damage! Mike shared your blog with me... good stuff.

Brian Smith said...

Nice pictures. One of our reporters is currently at a house fire in Hixson, TN this Saturday, due to a tree and powerlines falling on it about 30mins ago. Some nasty stuff for just short periods of time. I am sure the NWS is banging their heads as these are hard to see on radar and sometimes to late.


AppalachianWX said...

Darn, you guys got whacked. I think the worst we saw was flash flooding. Those storms dumped 1.59" of rain in just under an hour...while other area had upwards of 2.50" in under an hour. No warnings or advisories were issued, however. Morristown is pretty conservative in that concern. Heck, they're pretty conservative overall.

Thanks for the comment!


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