Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DRY DRY DRY (Fire Hazard)

Great post over at Channel 2's Blog (in Nashville, TN) about the downside of the dry weather combined with low humidity and dewpoints. It is a must read...also in the must read category is the post from Brian Smith at WDEF-News 12 in Chattanooga...click here


Cameron said...

[quote]There are several SHORT holes at Southern Hills...I drove it near #10, #12, #13, and #18....your comment begs this question...why did ya'll drive up here to play golf?....Ruby's is a great restaurant...know the GM there quite well...their salad bar is the BEST! We doing well..thanks.[/quote]

I got a few golf tournaments up there and I wanted to try out the courses there, which is why we went up there. On a different note, hurricane season has started little bit ago. Do you think it will be a bad one. I think since El NiƱo is gone we will probably have not a bad one, but more than we had last year. Hey maybe one will come up and give us some rain. I also think we will have more snow this year. Good night.

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

I agree with you on the Hurricane season...it'll probably be a little on the quiet side...if only one Hurricane comes ashore, that'll be more than last year. Hmmm, as far as snow, it's too far out to tell...might have flurries before Dec 31st...MAYBE..

Anonymous said...

Signs of a rapid transition to La Nina are showing up in the models...that could have an impact on the hurricane season.


La Nina tends to make for more favorable tropical development conditons in the Atlantic. Last Year's El Nino and dust off of Africa led to a quiet season. This year could be different. I don't wish for a hurricane but a tropical soaker would do us good...a soaker for a week. Forget a snow forecast, 7 days is hard enough!
Brian Smith

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

thanks for the comments Brian...you're the PRO!...I'll take a look at that NOAA site!

*LOL@Snow*....you are right about 7 days being hard enough!

Cameron said...

Yeah it's just wishful thinking. What are the chances of getting a tropical storm to stall here? I heard from justin that the drought will last through summer.yikes -cam

Cameron said...

Here is what justin said a while ago,

[quote]Just my opinion, but a long time. Past summer, at the very least.[/quote]


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