Monday, June 11, 2007

Record Cold In Denver

Amazing weather story from Denver. I've linked a story from ABC-7 News. You can read it by clicking on the post title. The short version is that temperatures fell to below freezing on Friday morning. By Saturday, however, highs were back up in the mid 80's and on Sunday, it was 90. Now that is what I call a crazy 72 hours.

Locally, we're stuck in a dry pattern (AGAIN!) and our 5-day provides only a slight chance for showers and storms.


Anonymous said...

Cold & snow in June not so unusual for Colorado!!! It was June 10, 2005 when we arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado in SNOW -- Also, on June 13, 2005 SNOW & ICE CLOSED I-70 & Eisenhower Tunnel near Dillon, Colorado, just north of Breckenridge! Of course it was "our" fault -- we took golf clubs on that trip, hoping to play golf at Breckenridge!

Michael Detwiler said...

momma k.....Breckenridge weather is quite different than Denver...but you are right, it can get crazy, even in JUNE!


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