Sunday, July 22, 2007

CoCoRaHS Precipitation Reports

Interesting post about CoCoRaHS from Mark Rose over at the Nat'l Weather Service! They are using our reports. Thanks Mark.....


Anonymous said...

Hey there Michael! I emailed you the latest cocorahs report I just got in from Nolan Doesken out in Colorado. Not sure if you get that or not, but just in case you don't I wanted to make sure you had it. Emailed it to you earlier this evening, from my email account- which you may or may not have recognized. We are still bone dry up here- only 0.28" still for the month, and definitely not counting right now. Got to keep cleaning out the bugs, bird droppings, spider webs, leaf litter out of the gauge.... Not exactly what I should be getting out of the gauge! Lawn is brown, and it is mostly weeds, which is usually drought resistant! Take care, will be posting on the backyard blog here in a few minutes.

Michael Detwiler said...

same thing here Kevin...we are bone dry...did have a small bit of rain this AM, when my bride and I were was only .05

thanks for the newsletter, I've sent it on to our observers in my area.


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