Thursday, August 23, 2007

200th Post & Other Weather News

This is the 200th post on this blog since I started it back in February of this year. It's been a fun ride wondering if anyone was even reading it, to being recognized with a Blog of The Day Award, to having people comment in droves, to getting a TON of hits when we had some strong storms, to being mentioned by professional meteorologists, to being the headline story by a blog 'newspaper' site, to being ranked in the Top 50 of Weather Sites by USA Weather. I've enjoyed putting my thoughts on this weather blog.

Over the Century mark today.......
We topped 100° today....(100.7° if you're keeping track) tied a record for this date and is the 2nd hottest day of the 2007 summer season. Normal high and low for this date are 86 and 62. Month to date, our highs have averaged 95.7 (the average is 87.5)...we're over 8 degrees above average. The record is 93.3 set back in 1980. Our lows have averaged 67.5, about 3.6 degrees above normal. Our NWS coop station has measured .50 inches of rain for the month while the average is 3.19".

Re-writing the Record Book.........
Great post by the good folks over the National Weather Service in Nashville. It's a must read from the record breaking summer!

What About The Future?........
We all know the weather will cool down eventually. Current forecast models indicate this cooling should be coming around the first of September. While it could be a STRETCH to say this, indications are around September 7th or so could see high temperatures in the 70's and lows in the 50's....can you say "HALLELUJAH"!!!!! :)


Wayfarer said...

I readeth this through tears of joy...;-)

Brian Smith said...

What a month huh...hard to believe we hit 105 yesterday...


Anonymous said...


Wanted to leave a note thanking you for doing the blogspot here. It's the only place I've found that lists the high and low for the day. Your current temp reading seems to be more accurate than even the NWS. So - THANKS!

Michael Detwiler said...


You're funny! I almost have tears of joy SEEING the lower temperatures coming VERY soon!


Yep, what a month...incredible that ya'll hit 105 in Chattanooga....WOW!

Ms Nomer:

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them..thanks for being a reader and come back often. Comments are always appreciated.


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