Sunday, August 5, 2007


A couple of minutes ago I heard rain falling. I thought my bride has snuck outside and hooked up the sprinkler! It was really rain falling! A quick check of the radar shows a pop-up shower in our area. There are more to our west, however, I don't see them coming through here.

Wouldn't you know it would rain this evening! I just washed & waxed my brides vehicle. Oh well, I really want the rain so I guess the car got an extra bath with the raindrops!

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Wayfarer said...

WHAT?! She has you waxing her car?! Mike come on! Just because she is expecting you dont let her get away with that! Sheeeesh..Next thing you know you will be rubbing her feet and doing the dishes...;-P

Congrats on ther rain..We used to have it here..


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