Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Sampling of Temperatures Today

Need I say more? At our elevation, these temperatures are very uncommon!


Polarbear said...

I think you might have too much free time on your hands! :) It is interesting info and it shows the importance on where temperature gauges are placed (that goes for NWS gauges in Smyrna too!) Anyway, my garden is frying away eventhough I am watering about every other day.
Question: If everyone in the South inhaled at the exact same moment, do you think it could steer Hurricane Dean up this way? (With no ill affects to those on the coast of course.)

Brian Smith said...

Very nice. I have thought about doing this many times, but never got around to it. Yesterday I saw 108!


Michael Detwiler said...

Polarbear: That's funny...since my job requires that I'm out of the office visiting clients and POTENTIAL clients, I do have the time to snap the pics! :) The hardest one was the BPC on 10th Street!

Brian: I'm sure you could get a 'staff member' to go snap yours...since you're famous and all! ;)


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