Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Heatwave Breaks When?

7-day forecast courtesy of WKRN-Nashville, TN

Interesting post this morning over at

It talks about how through this heatwave, we've yet to break a record high. Nashville has recorded 21 days straight of 90° plus temperatures and 10 days in a row of 99° plus temps. Today's record is 102° and we could scare it. With TD 5 coming into the gulf and landing around Corpus Christi, that could affect our weather for the weekend with rain showers (let's hope so!)

Dean continues to chug away and now has winds of 50 mph and more. We will continue to watch this developing system.


Mike Wilhelm said...

Michael this heat is crazy. I hit 105 the last two days and today will end up even higher. The highest temp ever in AL is 112. I am beginning to wonder if that won't be challenged before all is said and done. What is the highest in TN history?

Michael Detwiler said...

112° is the all-time high in Tennessee...occurred in Perryville on July 29, 1930.

Thanks for asking, Mike!


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