Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Weather Continues

Our beautiful weather continues across Tennessee. Temperatures are running in the 50's for lows and the 80's for highs. We see this pattern staying the same through the weekend. By Monday, we could (and emphasize could) have a slight chance for rain.

You can access the forecast by clicking here!

The National Weather Service has the Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day and today's fact is interesting. It talks about the heatwave from 1954. Check it out by clicking here. (Guess those darned ol' suv's from the early 50's caused that heatwave, too!) ;-)

Hey, a cool tool by the Blogger folks at Google has been released. It shows the pictures that are being uploaded to all the blogs in real time. Access it by clicking here. I've look at it and it's really neat...Google uses 'safesearch' technology, so you shouldn't have any issues with objectionable content.

Have a great day!


Wayfarer said...

Youre killing me with these beautiful shots big guy!!

Michael Detwiler said...

HAHA...*LOL@Rick*...can't wait until our area has some good fall colors like these! :)

Maynard said...

Hate to be a downer, but with the record drought I don't think there'll be much color this year. I seem to remember from school that the colors depend on rainfall.

Michael Detwiler said...


You are mostly correct. We won't have the most vibrant colors ever.


Wayfarer said...

I'll take slight colors, faded colors, slightly off colors, anything!!!


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