Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Roundup

(Not from my home!! This is New Brunswick, Canada!)

Interesting observation from the Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of The Day from the NWS in Nashville. Here it is:

On September 30, 1949...Temperature at Nashville drops to 36, setting a record low for the month.

That's the kind of weather I'd like to see!! I'm sure the rest of you could agree with me.

We should be seeing the numbers real soon concerning September temperatures. They will be very close to setting a record for the warmest August and September combined. As of Wednesday (according to this post on the NWS-Nashville blog), it was.

Our forecast is for DRY weather and a warming trend through the rest of this week. You can see the forecast by clicking here.


David said...

Another perfect, breath-taking picture. You ceertainly know how to pick them.

David said...
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