Friday, October 12, 2007

She's Home!

(This is a picture just moments after she was born)

Our little bundle of joy is home and we are thrilled to be home as well. Sure is funny how I went to the hospital to see our little one being born and it was warm (almost hot) and now it's definitely autumn weather. :)

Our little one is doing well and Mommy is doing great, too. Looks like our warmest day over the next seven won't reach 80 degrees. Hopefully, we'll get some fall colors...though, it does appear the show will be VERY limited.


Wayfarer said...

Congrats once again Y'all!! She is beautiful! Before long she will be asking to you to show her the differnce between the forecast models...;-)

Mike Wilhelm said...


Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Boys!! She's quite a young you can tell, I'm quite the happy camper :)


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